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 Land Voyager Guide

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PostSubject: Land Voyager Guide   Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:14 pm

[color:6633=red]Weapons: Daggers, Corals
Characters able to become Explorer: Ami, Lance, Phyllis
Stat Builds:
There's 3 major builds you can try here: Pure Spirit, Spr-con hybrid, or pure Con...Well, really two. Pure Con isn't that good. Pure SPR is good...but it makes you a glass cannon, so I personally recommend a mix.
(credit goes to Snowy for builds)
Pure SPR: Just pump SPR till maxed, then pump CON
Hybrid: 1 CON per 4 SPR
Con: CON till maxed, then SPR
Diligence: Passive, +2 to SP Recovery Rate [+1 per skill level]
-Your basic starter skill. Comes with your level 10 box. Just up it to level 2 for Lightning Bolt.
Current: Passive, Requires lv 2 Dilligence, boosts ship movement speed by 6% [+1% per skill level]
-Not a bad skill...just not really essential. Get it to level 2 for Tornado.
Conch Armor: Passive, Requires lv 1 Current, boosts ship defense by 8 points [+3 per skill level]
-Only if you want to upgrade it...
Lightning Bolt: Active, Land, Requires lv 1 Dilligence, Lightning Coral, 27 SP [+2 SP with each skill level]
Skill Builds: Well, again, two routes here: Either Full Land or Half land/half sea hybrid.
Diligence lv 2> Lightning Bolt lv 10> Current lv 1> Conch Armor lv 5

Voyager Skills:
Conch Ray: Active, Land, Requires lv 5 Conch Armor, Strike Coral, 23 SP [+3 per skill level]
-Your main land-based attack skill. Not only does it pack a wallop, it can attack multiple foes in a straight line! Get this to 10 and you won't be dissapointed. Also, it has a faster recharge rate than Lightning Bolt.
Skill Builds:
Conch Ray lv 10, the rest as you see fit [Isn't it obvious? It IS the only land skill..]
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Land Voyager Guide
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